Learn how to decode the messages of your body!

The meaning of our pains, injuries, dis-ease

Oct. 4th 10:30am


Our bodies speak

Our souls speak to us through our bodies

It speaks to us through pain

Through chronic conditions

Through out of the blue injury

Through dysfunction.

If we allow ourselves to take an honest look, we’ll notice that probably there’s an aspect of life that’s in dysfunction also. This might be our money, our love, our ability to express ourselves, to ask for what we want..

Somehow, somewhere we’re blocking ourselves.

Our soul is trying to express through us in the most powerful way possible.

This radiation of light comes from within us and bumps up against these blocks.

If we don’t get the message subtly, the body will speak louder, creating some sort of physical condition, hoping that we’ll get the message. Hoping that we’ll tune in and address resolve the way we’re blocking our own light. How we’re blocking our lives.

In this class I’ll be showing exactly how to tune into what’s going on with you specific, and get message!

Not only get the message, but resolve the block! You may notice that a particular area of your life breaks free …;)

Glean an awareness that could change your life, heal your body,

free up congestion in your life.

If you can’t make the live class, no worries, you’ll have access to the replay!

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