You life purpose isn’t something that you make up, it’s something that you’re made of.

Vitality- Life Path and Purpose

Discover Your Path and Purpose and Restore your Life Force. Who knew these were even related?

8 week transformation 

Do you feel like there is just something more for you? Is life feeling blah and lack luster? Do your feel unfulfilled? Joyless?  Does your life feel like it's based around working, eating, sleeping paying bills....and that's it? Do you feel a bit numbed out? Do you find yourself trying to escape or avoid looking at this truth by turning to unhealthy addictive habits to numb out the subtle yet constant unhappiness, such as eating, drinking, drugs, shopping, TV, driving aimlessly, Facebook, overworking or over working-out? Hmmmm...

Do you feel like you were meant to be more, do more, experience more? Do you crave a bigger life ?

Well you are meant to be more! We all have a unique calling, something that we were built to do.  When we do that 'thing', this is what gives us the deepest level of fulfillment! This is where we come alive! This is where we are rejuvenated!! This is where our life force is unleashed. Your life has been preparing you for your purpose. Your pains, struggle and traumas actually reveal our path and purpose.

But why did we lose our way? How did it get to this? Through the process of becoming and adult our dreams and desires get pushed away and locked down. We learn through life that it's not safe or it's unacceptable to ask for what we want, to do what want, to choose, to follow our own roads. Our parents try to make us more like them which squashes our creative impulse. We become who we think we are supposed to be, rather than who we want to be. We become disconnected and live in a place of self judgement and fear. This programs become ingrained at such an early age that we don't realize how disconnected from our flow we've become, until life begins to stagnate and feel vanilla.  No, this is not a natural part of being an adult, it's a symptom of a generational miscommunication that has stolen the joy and freedom of millions of people. This literal lock down of our natural impulses lock down our life energy and bleeds our vitality. So not only do we feel unfulfilled, but we are drained. No zest, no motivation...blah.

For some of us, when we do decide to embark on a new journey, we are seized by fear, self doubt and wither run back to our old ways, or sabotage ourselves. (Been there, done that, a few times)

We can however, undo this and restore our vital nature. It's possible to re-connect you to our path and purpose and re-gain our inner and outer freedom and pure joy of living. This is why we came! If you are ready to reclaim your true nature, your true freedom, happiness, vitality, mojo and abundance, then join me on this masterful journey back to yourself!

We have a choice, numb ourselves out, or answer our higher calling....