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Catapult your life, your results in days or weeks, instead of years and decades!

Join me in my upcoming online meditation series where you’ll learn the most simplified way to change your life, through neutral awareness, aka, meditation and setting energetic boundaries.

  • You’ll learn how to see the mental patterns that run automatically every time you think about a certain topic, taking a particular action, or changing a particular part of your life.

  • You’ll learn, in a very simplified way, how your brain and nervous system work. We can’t change the mechanics until we first understand how the mechanics work!

  • You’ll learn how to break the deep rooted habituation of your mental patterns that keep you cycling back into old habits, old ways of thinking = same results

  • You’ll learn how to release the information in the pattern ie: chronic negative emotion (fear, anxiety, disappointment, anger etc), thereby releasing the pattern completely

  • You’ll immediately see why you are still struggling with that one thing you’ve been working on FOREVER !!!!! Maybe it’s money, love, your appearance, putting yourself out there, asking for what you want, promoting yourself/marketing, business, success, having an effective relationships, having a career that feels good, having a life with more ease and happiness….

  • End result—>>FREEDOM

This is the easiest step-by step formula for taking the reigns of your brain and your life!

Until we learn to manage the destructive and limiting mental patterns that fire automatically beneath the surface, we’ll continue to block ourselves, struggle, suffer, limit ourselves and basically push against ourselves . We’ll continue to keep creating the same things over and over. We’ll continue to take the sames kinds of actions that bring us the same kinds of results, no matter how hard we try.

We all have things that we’ve been working on and working towards, forever!

And we try a million different ways to get it done, yet find ourselves either not getting anywhere, or, we move ahead, but then eventually end up right back where we started. Until find and intercept the mental patterns that are holding a particular area of our life in a choke-hold, in a little box, we may never move beyond out own glass ceiling!

The Neutral Awareness formula consists of the following very simple steps:

  1. Getting into your center. Getting into the present moment

    It is only from your center and the present moment that you can clearly observe your automatic thought patterns. It’s being firmly in your center and in the present moment, simultaneously, which is your truth, that give you this amazing observation deck.

  2. Observe

    In this very magical place of holding your awareness on your truth (your center, your soul self) and the present moment, you’ll begin to see, sense, and feel the emotions, the thoughts, the feelings that are firing in your brain every time you think about that particular place you are struggling in your life. Every time you think about taking action, those silent patterns will sway the type of action you take. Every time you try to have an important conversation with somebody, those silent patterns will sway how you show up in that conversations, what you say, how you react, how the other person responds to you. How you manage your money, your business, your body, all are swayed by the silent patterns. The choices you make, the options you see available to to, what you go for and what you don’t, all are inside the box of the mental patterns. The job of the pattern is to keep you safe which means keeping you the same.

    If we never question the patterns, we’ll go on believing that “this just the way life is for me”

  3. Resolution

    You’ll learn the fastest way to resolve, dissolve these mental patterns that have been hi-jacking your best efforts! You’ll learn how to release the pattern that has been literally taking all of the energy you’ve been putting into fixing or building this part of your life, career, relationship etc, and muting it down then dispersing it, making most of your efforts look futile and failed. The brain is sooooooooo very intelligent…. But it’s actually trying to keep you in your comfort zone !!!

  4. Notice and Embody

    How that you’ve released a pattern, take look and see how it feels. When you think about that particular area of your life, or taking that particular action, do you see how much more spacious and free it feels?!?! Do you see how maybe that thing you’d been avoiding or procrastinating on you are able to do with ease! Do you see how your mind as opened itself so much that you’re seeing opportunities and solutions you couldn’t see yesterday (because they were outside of the box the mental patterns had created) ?!?! Do you see how serendipitous moments are coming to you at every angle because you’ve energetically made yourself available to a life outside of the little box your mental patterns had created for you ?!?!

This is truly SO easy and life changing!

Are you interested in quickly changing specific areas of your life in the next couple of weeks?

Then I invite you to join me in my online meditation series !!!

This is a 3 week series, meaning we’ll be meeting via Zoom each week for 3 weeks! If you can’t get on for the live class, no worries, you’ll receive a replay link so you can watch at your leisure.

You are not just getting the process, but I’ll be walking you through step by step, piece by piece, specifically in the area of life that’s giving you the most trouble.

We’ll be discovering and unraveling the silent pattern that are blocking you, derailing your best efforts and causing your to procrastinate, avoid or self sabotage. Amazing!

Each week we’ll be using the formula on a specific area of life based on the areas that are of the greatest concern to the group, which may include finances, growth, success, change, health, love, relationships, ease, self image.

They’ll be time during the webinars to ask questions and interact with me.

BTW , if you’ve never worked with me before, as a spiritual intuitive I’ve got this crazy gift of being able to feel energy, feel blocks, feel thoughts and trapped emotions. I can help you see what maybe you’re not letting yourself see. So if you get stuck, you’ve got my awareness to get you there ;)

In addition, you’ll be learning how to block out outside influences and tune into your center to get your authentic soul’s wisdom and insight. This is an incredible way to circumvent the pushing/pulling/avoiding/derailing effect of the mind (which again, only wants to keep us the same).

Simply by living in alignment with your inner light/soul/authentic self, moment by moment, has a radical and immediate transformative effect on your vibe and your life.

Together these tools are LIFE CHANGING, to say the least

I’m sharing this because it’s profoundly changed my life, quickly

The series begins MondAY September 7th!!!

What would it feel like to be free of that thing that’s been weighing on you?

What would it feel like to effortlessly, finally move beyond that block?

How much time, energy and resources have you put in to trying every-way-to-Sunday to fix something in your life?!

How much of your mental energy has been tied up and burnt out around this?

How useful would it be to have someone walk you right smack to the energetic root of it, guide you step-by-step in the unraveling process , and then finally be free of it in a matter of minutes?

How much time, money and mental burnout would that save you?

I’m offering this FREEDOM transformation for only $197 !!

Plus, I’ve created a 2 pay option ;)

This process WILL help you get clarity in ANYTHING, which means, YOU BECOME UNSTOPPABLE!!!

If you’d like to join me on this journey and actually break-through, you can fill out the form below to register.

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