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Releasing Ancestral Karma

  • Meridith Whole Living Center 48 Main Street Meredith NH, 03253 (map)

Clear the Imprints of the Past That Are Affecting You Today~

Join Spiritual Visionary, Kelly Libby and Shaman, Dwight Jones for a powerful, deep healing event

Pains, traumas, limiting beliefs, family paradigms imprint into our nervous systems, affecting our expression of who we truly are. The science of Epi-genetics shows us that the traumas, burdens, struggles and unresolved emotions that imprinted our parent’s and ancestor's nervous systems can get passed down generation to generation. These imprints of the past weigh on us and limit our expression and experience of life. They prevent us from creating the life we truly desire. They can affect our health, our happiness, our abundance, our relationships, the ease, or lack of with which, we flow through life. Most of us live without ever begin aware of these
invisible, yet confining imprints. 

In this event Kelly and Dwight will be facilitating deep energetic, powerful release work that can help remove blocks, burdens and debris from your life and ancestral lineage, restoring physical, emotional and spiritual well-being at every level. 

Relax and receive. Experience a deep unwinding and release. 

“An opportunity to clean your slate of the imprints that have come before, in your life and in your lineage, creating space for you to create a sacred life from the unencumbered purity of your heart and soul”

Investment $35
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A bit about Dwight, Charles White Eagle
Dwight is an angelically guided Native Shaman who specializes in clearing unhealthy energy from people, land and buildings. He regularly assists local Authorities with his intuitive services. He works with clientele throughout the US offering in-person and remote energetic clearing and balancing for the land and her people. 

A bit about Kelly
An Intuitive Coach and Healer, Inspirational Speaker, Writer and Yogi , she serves international clientele with her pioneering transformational healing work. Part of the new generation of spiritual visionaries, her unique understanding of the psyche, mind, body and energy, coupled with her keen intuitive insight give her clients unparalleled deep transformation. She is highly sought after by entertainers in music and film, both established and up and coming for her ability to bring out one's undefended true essence, paving the way for success and deep fulfillment in the expression of one's authentic self. She is the author of the soon to be released book "From Desperation to Liberation, the Path to Personal Freedom", which describes the ancestral programs, traumas and paradigms that get passed down generation to generation and how clearing these invisible prisons can release us from generations of burden, and set us free to fulfill our own unique destiny and true heart's desires. Studying under master facilitator, John Newton, in NYC, Ancestral Healing serves as a foundation of her transformational work.