Actresses/actors, musicians, speakers and entrepreneurs!

Build the confidence, charisma and presence that will get you noticed and

sky rocket your success!

Heal the deepest wounds that keep you stuck, hiding, playing small, self sabotaging, being overlooked, under paid,feeling like you are coming up short, feeling un-valued and in a cycle of work work work….with no real reward.

"People won't remember what you say, but they will remember how you make them feel"

~Maya Angelou


Have a presence and charisma that will get noticed and make an impact!!

Join me in this 16 week beta program that will be hosted via live webinar.

This is a step by step system that will take you on a journey through the chakras, healing and releasing your true authentic radiance that is lovingly received and adored by the world! That is your natural state!


Are any of these you? :

  • You have a desire to be the best in your field, to be noticed, recognized, to leave a profound impression and be prosperous in your craft, BUT, despite your hard work and skill, something is holding your back. Something is keeping that "big break" just out of reach. Deep down you feel a bit of self doubt, a little fear, (or maybe a lot). There is something holding you back from giving it your absolute all. There is something preventing you from allowing yourself to show up 100%. Then that sneaky sabotaging self talk of "maybe I'm not good enough, maybe I'm a joke, maybe I'm out of my league, I'm not good/talented/smart/attractive/experienced enough for people to be interested in doing business with me.  

  • You you feel like you are giving it your all and have what it takes, but the level of success you feel you should have reached by now is STILL out of reach and you think, "I'll have to work harder...still!" ugh!

  • Or perhaps you are just beginning  your journey… You want to put yourself out there and take your life in a big direction, but you sabotage yourself, your opportunities, and somehow magically remain hidden from your best prospective clients and audiences.

    You can not be big, you can not share your message, your talent, your skill or service with the world,

    AND remain hidden.

Let's have a chat, the truth is, it's not just your talent and skill that makes you attractive to potential clients, agencies  and draws great opportunities and audiences to you...it's your charisma, energy and presence! When we doubt ourselves, when we have fear, when we hold our energy back, people can feel that....YOU can feel that!  It shows up in our performances, our auditions, our videos, our meetings and negotiations.

What if you could show up 100% with the most authentic version of you! Confident, charismatic, and with a presence that made people notice you as soon as you walked in the room!  What if you could totally value yourself and feel awesome about yourself and your life! This is not a fake, projected arrogance, but a deep steady confidence that allows you to 100% unabashedly be yourself! This is where the magic happens....

What stops us from showing up 100%—> Mostly early familial programming around what was safe. In your family, was it safe for you to stand out? In your family, with your peers? Was it safe for you to ask for big things? Was the real you accepted, or did you have to change or behave a certain way in order to get the love of your mother/father/caregiver? Were you ever rejected or humiliated for’ putting yourself out there’? Did your parents believe in you or encourage you to cultivate a career based in your creative talents? Or, did your parents favor a ‘safe’ 9-5. There are so many sneaky sabotaging beliefs and traumas that get trapped in our nervous systems that literally fight against our best efforts to get ourselves out there!!!

This is exactly why I’ve created a program to uncover and heal each of those deeply held, unconscious, sabotaging (and limiting) beliefs and programs!

 Having a radiant presence is not something you can fake, but once you have it, it's like having an ace in the hole.  I'll walk you step by step, navigating you through uncharted territory to create your authentic charisma, confidence and presence! We'll be working through sneaky sabotaging mental blocks, hidden doubts and fears that shrink your energy and sabotage your confidence.

If you are ready to embark upon this  journey and truly open yourself to being the star you know you were born to be, than please do consider joining my upcoming 12-14 week beta program. By working with me you'll have access to my unmatched level of expertise in mind/body/nervous system healing.

Join me on December 17th where I’ll be hosting a live webinar (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER) where I’ll not only be going into detail about program, but I’ll also be discussing the wiring of the nervous system, how it happens, what the effect are in our lives, and how to change it!




With a strong first chakra, you easily manifest and magnetize resources, opportunities and yes, abundance. You have a powerful presence and glow that people remember. You feel safe in your body, in the world and have a loving relationship with your body. You feel grounded and present…..or not.


1 Chakra issues-

-Spinning in your head, unable to get into action

-Feeling un-safe, maybe experiencing mild anxiety or panic attacks

-Feeling ungrounded, unable to manifest resources or deal with money

-Rejection of your body, inability to take care or yourself the way you know you should, energetically shielding yourself


Week 1: HEALING THE INNER CHILD: Uncover and heal the root cause of the earliest nervous system wiring around fear, anxiety, safety and feeling wanted. Reclaim the right to be here and to have things.

Result—> Immediate reduction in anxiety/stress response and profoundly moving healing of the inner child.

Week 2: HEALING THE BODY: Uncover and Heal the habitual, learned ways we reject ourselves at the most basic body level.

Result—> New love and appreciation of the physical body, feeling alive with sensations and presence.

Week 3: HEALING THE ANXIOUS PATTERN: Uncover and shift daily habitual way stress based frenetic energy scatters our energy, focus and brilliance. UNCOVER HIDDEN BLIND-SPOTS THAT KEEP US A PRISONER TO “TALL POPPY” SYNDROME

Result: Getting more done, faster and with more power due to a more focused, brilliant and resourceful mind. Freedom to move beyond the success/joy/$ level of your family


Your second chakra is where you personal power, your ability to ask and receive, your life purpose, money and sexuality all come together…or not. It’s where channel our raw life force to experience power, passion, charisma and joy that is felt by others….or not. It’s where we can allow ourselves to be vulnerable and flawed, and be ok with that…or not. It’s where we are connected to our authentic selves, our real needs…or not. It’s where we allow ourselves to feel our emotions and receive nourishment, pleasure and reward in our lives….or not.


2nd Chakra issues:

-Difficulty owning your power

-Difficulty knowing what it is you truly want and difficulty allowing yourself to ask for it

-Difficulty receiving

-Working working working and achieving but never actually experiencing the the feeling of “I’ve finally arrived, I achieved, finally got there”.

-Difficulty feeling joy and feeling connected

-Pattern of avoidance of being vulnerable because of fear of being betrayed or rejected

-Feeling guilty around being too powerful or asking for too much

-Having a vow to never get angry—instead choosing to depress your energy

Chakra 2 Healing Processes

WEEK 4: POWER OF VULNERABILITY PROCESS Uncover and healing a childhood time where true needs and feelings became denied because it was not safe to express or want them. Guided healing for profound emotional transformation and reclaiming the right to feel and to want things.

Result –-> An emotional healing, release and opening to being “re-acquainted” with an incredibly powerful lost truth.

WEEK 5: POWER OF ANGER PROCESS Uncover and heal the wounds and beliefs about anger and the shadow side of rage and re-educate the proper energy flow to channel the gifts, clarity and power of self preservation and self-value

Result –> New courage and authority in hearing, honoring and acting on our inner voice of unfairness and self-value and self-protection.

WEEK 6: POWER OF LIFE-FORCE ENERGY PROCESS Uncover and heal the wounds, beliefs and judgements about sexual/life force energy and open to more 2nd chakra raw energy flow.

Result –> Bigger, bolder inner feeling of power, fabulousness and charisma

Chakra 3

Chakra 3 is our place of self esteem, self worth, enthusiasm and true sense of sacred reverence for yourself as the sacred being that you are...or not. It’s where our bold charismatic energy can shine (or not). It’s where we are willing (or not) to be seen as and declare ourselves great and valuable! (very triggering for most) It’s where we stand in our power and boldly take action in alignment with truth…or not. It’s where we get to experience the joy and fun of being delighted with ourselves (as opposed to holding ourselves in judgement and criticism) …or not.


3rd Chakra issues

-Avoiding stepping into the light and being in the center of attention

-Feeling stuck all the time

-Acting on a vow of self sacrifice—>allows overly giving and never allow yourself to receive (never be selfish)

-Unable to allow yourself to get angry or express anger. Anger then turns into resentment and festers

-Difficulty saying NO and setting boundaries

Chakra 3 Healing

WEEK 7: THE RIGHT TO SAY NO PROCESS HEAL FORWARD to uncover and heal/pre-empt the inner “shadow” beliefs about selfishness and the anxiety/guilt cycle that stops you from standing up for yourself, recognizing and reacting appropriately when you are being manipulated, or treated unfairly.

Result –> New empowerment and courage to speak your truth and honor yourself in relationships and in your value.

WEEK 8: THE RIGHT TO SHINE PROCESS HEAL FORWARD to uncover and heal/pre-empt the inner “shadow” beliefs about arrogance and the anxiety/shame cycle that stops you from taking action and standing out with confidence in yourself and your value.

Result –> Enthusiastic willingness in to be SEEN and step up in new ways, market themselves boldly or take leadership roles.

WEEK 9: THE RIGHT TO COURAGEOUS AUTHENTICITY PROCESS HEAL FORWARD to uncover and heal/pre-empt setbacks to your new budding inner confidence.

Result –> More powerful and grounded inner sense and voice about your value, gifts and right to be yourself and impervious to ill intended criticisms.

Chakra 4

This is where we are able to truly love ourselves, to see the divine in ourselves and everyone else…or not. This is where we reach out and receive love and affection from the world…or not. This is where we allow ourselves the grace of forgiveness and ease, or not. It’s where we live in the expanded freedom of true self acceptance (freedom from our ruthless inner critic), or not.


Chakra 4 issues:

Feeling like something has been missing for a long time

-Unable to express your feelings

-Constantly criticizing yourself, even when others celebrate you

-Having a very guarded heart

-Are more led by your head, than your heart

-Feeling secretly lonely even when you are in a relationship

-Difficulty allowing praise, compliments or support in …instead choosing to “soldier on” alone.

Chakra 4 Healing

WEEK 10: FORGIVING THE SECRET WOUND PROCESS - Forgiveness work to uncover and heal the past event and person that wounded your power most profoundly.

Results –> Major shift in energy, self-compassion and secretly held grief that feels profoundly important and a life altering shift in freedom from the past.

WEEK 11: FORGIVING THE SECRET MISTAKE PROCESS -Forgiveness work to uncover and heal a past event that reveals your habitual “I should have known better” self-judgement that creates constant struggle to “earning and proving” your value without ever feeling rewarded.

Result –> Feel more open, more real, and FEELS MORE (and others can feel your heart) and have pure gratitude and continued respect for the sacred self.

WEEK 12: FORGIVING THE SECRET FLAW PROCESS Forgiveness work to uncover and heal your deepest “shadow side” self-rejection to bring healing, integration and the gift of the shadow needed for true selflove and wholeness.

Results –> Incredible self-knowledge, radical self-love and move into a brand new phase of life, joy and living consciously, fully and undefended.

Chakra 5

Bonus Session

Putting it all together- Owning your power and confidence to speak and claim your awesomeness and value !!


On the other side of this….real transformation.

This is a deep, step by step process where we’ll be using powerful mind-body techniques (tapping and ancestral clearing) to heal these blocks from the root to the 5th chakra. This is deep transformation that will literally change your dominant frequency, it will change you and how you show up in the world in a very real life way. The effects of this rewiring will ripple out into all areas of your life.

This is a beta program meaning that you’ll be the first group to go through this level of healing together. I’m taking only 10 people on into this particular session. When this program is made fully available to the public it’ll be $2997. The beta group gets to sign on for an investment of only $997.

So, if you want to take advantage of this opportunity and receive this deep level of healing that will rewire you from the root all the way up, contact me asap to reserve your spot and get the details. We’ll be starting the 2nd week of January.

REGISTRATION is extended THROUGH Jan. 3rd!