Sacred Mirror

JULY 26TH, 11am EST


The eyes are the windows to the soul

There is so much insight, so much wisdom that lies just behind the eyes

By using our mirror as a sacred tool, and asking the right question, we can gain lifechanging insight and information.

In this online live class I’ll be showing you how to access your inner child via the mirror.

If you’ve done any inner child or subconscious reprogramming work, you are familiar with the understanding that it’s our inner child’s unresolved experiences, beliefs and emotions which keep us stuck in particular areas of our lives. Its our inner child that keeps us repeating patterns, hitting glass ceilings and self sabotaging.

In this class you’ll learn how to use the mirror to gather information, to release and to reprogram.

This is incredible intimate work between you and the most vulnerable parts of you.

This work will require you to be more present with yourself and your feelings, than maybe you ever have been before. This level of awareness and compassion turns you into an alchemist in your life. You’ll dramatically shift your vibration, unlock places and spaces where you’ve unconsciously held yourself back, and experience a profound level of release and inner calm.

The investment for this class, to learn this life changing tool, is only $97!

If you can’t make the live class, no worries, you’ll have access to the replay!

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