7-Day Boost Your Vibe Immersion !

7-Day Boost Your Vibe Immersion !


7 days of FULL energetic support to boost your vibe; mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically.

7 days of activated meditations that powerful clearings to recode your body and energy to hold more truth and a higher vibe!

Feel Powerful!

Feel Connected to Yourself!

Feel Centered and Focused!

Feel Connected to your Purpose!

Gain Clarity on what needs To change!

Gain Clarity on what you need to let go of!

Feel rooted in your strength TO let it go!

Gain Clarity on where you are living out of integrity with yourself!

7 days eating suggestions to recode your system to crave higher vibrational foods. 7 day lifestyle and personal space suggestions to create a sacred container of support for your domain-->your vibe !!!

Learn to OWN your vibe!

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πŸ‘‰How do we know what we need to let go of?
πŸ‘‰And how can we feel confident actually letting go...when it's time?
πŸ‘‰How can we feel supported to make the changes and leaps that our heart and soul KNOW it's time to make?
How can we clean up the haze, confusion and stagnation in our minds?
How can we feel more connected to our selves, our power, our purpose, our truth?

Easy, start by raising your frequency and learn how to energetically support yourself to protect your sacred domain---> your vibe!! πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈπŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈπŸ§˜

To give a solution to this is very common hang up I've created a 7- day Boost Your Vibe immersion!

For each of these seven days you will receive a power activation meditation coded with special frequencies to help your body/energy let go of old paradigms, old templates and old accumulated weight that you no longer need, and, the activations will assist your body and DNA to hold a higher frequency. I don't know exactly what's going to come through each meditation, as they are always channeled, but the energy has been building and I know they're going to give you something very special and powerful.

(if you've ever attended my live meditations/activations or worked with me one-on-one and received a live activation, you know how freaking powerful these babies are!! πŸ’₯)

For the 7 days you'll also receive eating suggestions based on what we've learned from shamans and the indigenous people for recoding our systems with food, and preparing our bodies for ceremony.

πŸ‘‰We know Food has a vibration and we know that we are what we eat. By eating certain foods we can recode our body to crave higher vibrational foods. This is indeed a sacred process and it's highly beneficial to support your body's recalibration process by creating the right inner environment.

You'll also receive suggestions on how to adjust your personal space and your day in a way that will support you in the highest and best way. E-V-E-R-Y-thing has a vibration, even the things you may not think about...like the music you listen to, or what you watch on TV.

I want to give you the greatest chance at experiencing the most radical shift in these seven days. So I'm giving you all the tools you'll need ro create a sacred container for yourself as you journey through this process.

πŸ‘‰Raising our vibe helps us see CLEARLY what we need to let go of, what we need to change, and combined with the daily activations, gives us the courage to do it!

πŸ‘‰ Raising our vibe makes us a match for the insight we've been needing,
πŸ‘‰ Helps us get clarity on the next step
πŸ‘‰Helps us to OWN our truth
πŸ‘‰ Makes us a match for more abundance, more opportunity, more love, ease, success!!!

There isn't anyone who would not benefit from this!!

If you pre-register (register by 7/26 you pay only $47 !! What??!!

We begin 8/2 ( the day after my birthday!!)
After 7/26 you'll pay the full price of $97

Still amazing deal for what you're going to get. You'll have each of the meditations and activations to download and keep forever!!!

You are more powerful than you ever imagined.