Messages from the Universe

Messages from the Universe


October 20th, 4-6pm

Join Kelly for an evening of messages, insight and personal a-ha moments!

As a soul speaker and spiritual intuitive, Kelly’s unique gifts allow her to tap into the field and bring through collective insight for the entire group, as well as gallery style individual messages/readings, specifically regarding your soul’s growth. Individual messages are often bringing clarity as to how we are unconsciously blocking ourselves or holding up our own un-foldment. Individual messages may also focus your unique soul’s path and purpose.

She’ll also discuss how our soul communicates with us so we can more easily tune in, get the messages and learn how to navigate the wisdom is has to offer us in every moment.

This is what truly creates a flowing, rich life that is completely aligned with our unique path and energy.

There is no one like you on the planet and there never will be again!

Letting ourselves emerge organically from the soul, is our birthright.

It’s a blessing and surprise to witness what’s unfolding from us in every moment.

The problem arises when the mind tries to get involved and monitors, limits, changes, hides, manipulates, shames or tries to direct our unfolding.

Let’s reconnect with our inner truth, our higher calling, and receive the guidance that will help us allow our own expansion!!!

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