Kelly helped me re wire, and it has changed my life. She is an amazing, intuitive healer, and is endowed with a full compliment of the tools necessary to expedite your walk. I would highly recommend attending if you can.
— Dave G. Brookfield, NH
Last October, while visiting my sister-in- law in Wolfeboro, she mentioned that she was planning to work with Kelly. She had been seeing the results of the work Kelly had been doing with people all around town and hearing the glowing reports. Since I seemed to be at the end of my rope, I decided to talk to her too.

The concepts she taught me have completely changed my life. I am thrilled to feel that I am truly back in control of my life. Kelly came into my life at a time when I desperately needed help and she delivered. She has been right there in my corner cheering me on all the way and the experience and expertise she brings to her clients exceeds what anyone I have ever met before her has offered me. I cannot thank you enough.
— B. Gomez, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Simply amazing... And very professional. Kelly is truly a gifted practitioner, and the energy in the studio is awesome!
— D. Tirone, Stratham, NH

This is an amazing woman who will help you discover all you can be with love.
— T. Dube, Wolfeboro, NH

Your heart and soul will benefit from time spent with this amazing lady!
— B. Fe, Sanbornville, NH

Kelly is amazing, she was such a huge help to me! She is so understanding and empathetic, she cuts through the bull and helps people help themselves. Whatever the problem is, mental or physical, she can assist. Wish I lived closer so I could continue seeing her regularly! LOVE her!
— L. Smith, Beaufort, SC

An incredible blend of humor and wisdom. Each session with her leaves me feeling lighthearted, invincible and inspired towards greatness.”
— M. Miccinnis, Somersworth, NH

Kelly Libby’s lovely energy and enthusiasm can only be surpassed by her amazing ability to help others find their spiritual path. I recommend her to anyone who feels stuck in their life journey. She will help you move forward in all areas with her patient guidance and by following her example, of integrating body, mind and spirit, bringing you into wholeness.
— W. Howell, Freedom, NH
Kelly crafted a great experience on Friday! I am still feeling the effects of the workshop, as they reverberate through my life. Interestingly, thoughts related to forgiveness have been flowing into my awareness in many variations; forgiving others, forgiving myself, forgiving groups of others. I think the process that you created has loosened stuck energy surrounding fear (of course, everything congeals around fear!) whether it was named or not. I have been gleefully labeling fears big and small as they dissipate, often back-tracking from forgiveness to do so. Naming it IS important, even when my delighted subconscious has sprinted down the path of release.

You should know that I am well practiced shining the light on darkness within, and with working with emotions trapped in the physical body. I teach heart opening all the time (“true courage is an open heart” I like to say in class) and I found your approach a lovely combination of fresh experiences and a mirror held. Great asana choices, and I really appreciated the mantra too. You were well grounded in your presentation and its wisdom, and I enjoyed following you on the path of experience you created.

In some ways I am an easy audience, being a complete energy junkie willing to follow the leader for a new energy experience. In some ways I am a tough audience, having done loads of inner work, teach experiential workshops myself, and am practiced with many tools. I would like to encourage you to repeat this workshop for other groups, as it is effective and powerful, but your safe container was palpable. I enjoyed meeting you too, and I look forward to seeing you or working with you again in the future. Thanks for a great workshop!
— L. Kipp, Northfields, NH