~Healing Our Secret Inner Struggles~

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  • Nix your self judgement, come out of the shadows and let yourself shine!!!

  • Discover your Authentic Self..fall in LOVE with yourself!

  • Allow your real self to shine

  • Find what you thought was missing

  • Gain a new level of inner courage and inner authority

  • Experience to joy and ease of living out of defense mode, finally—->unarmored

  • Begin to act upon your new state of inner value AND have your new sense of inner value reflected back to you by the world

  • Feel what it feels like to know that YOU DO deserve AND that you are worthy NOW —GAME CHANGER

  • Finally see all of your efforts finally pay off

  • Feel more GENUINELY confident and at peace than you ever have before!

  • Feel more openness, space and freedom than you ever have before!

  • Feel like you really ARE enough, worthy and important!

  • Let life come to you, rather than pushing and striving to get what you want!

  • Heal your finances!

  • Heal your relationships! Or attract one that is perfect for you…

  • Let your body heal !

  • Heal a TON of stress

  • Heal your secret inner struggles

  • Finally let yourself experience the feeling of success

  • See opportunities that have been there the whole time

  • Slow the aging process! …and added bonus of reducing stress

  • Experience life the way you want it now, not later

  • Become a master of your inner landscape

  • Become a master manifester

  • See the proof of how the Universe is ALWAYS showing you the answers, it always trying to help you, it always pointing you toward EXACTLY what you need to know, in order to have what you want

  • This will change the way you’ve been living your life….PERIOD

Healing our secret inner struggles…..

Let’s face it, we ALL have our secret inner struggles. The things we lay in bed at night thinking about. The things we spend all our time and energy on to try to fix, heal, get or get rid of in our waking/working hours. Let me ask you, if it was going to work, the way we’ve been going at it, would’t it have worked by now? Probably….

The thing is, trying to get what we want, whether it be freedom, love, money, success, prestige, beauty, a feeling of worthiness or importance, by chasing something out in the world will n-e-v-e-r get us there. If by chance we DO get it, it will either be unsustainable and only a matter of time before we are right back to where we started, OR we get ‘there’ and it doesn’t feel the way we were hoping. For instance, if it’s something material we are after, we may get the money, but we still feel unsafe, on edge and worried about having enough; we still live in scarcity mode. We still feel we are missing something..

If we are after a feeling, such as a feeling of being a ‘somebody’, no matter how much you do, how much you achieve, what clothes you wear, underneath you will always feel like a nobody.

We can’t get what we don’t have, meaning, what we don’t feel

We know we are living on a vibrational planet. We know that our thoughts create our reality. Our reality in money, love, success, opportunity, health etc. But what creates our thoughts? OUR FEELINGS!

Life does not happen TO us. Life happens through us, because of us.

To experience what you want you have to have the feeling of it. If you’re after love, you can’t be filled with anger, resentment and self hate and expect to find a fulfilling relationship. You will only meet someone who is a vibrational match for where you are.

In order to experience life the way we want it, we have to uncover our core judgments about ourselves, and clean them up. These judgments are hidden deep in the subconscious. They are our blind spots. They are the reasons why we can work so hard and feel like sometimes we get no where. They are the reasons why we self sabotage….like create more money, but then acquire more expenses, an unexpected expense or give it away. Why we keep attracting the same types of relationships. Why we exercise only cycle back to our original conditions. Why want want love or connection, but push it away. Why we run ourselves into the ground and STILL don’t feel like we did enough or are far enough. Why we hit glass ceilings..You get the idea

This creates a TON of inner tension, stress, and chews up our life force. It puts us in a cycle of ceaseless driving and struggling, but never actually arriving at our desired destination…

Unleash undoes all of that.

After years of working with clients, working on myself, studying and experimenting with every personal development, healing modality, psychology, subconscious reprogramming book and program out there, I’ve put together what I’ve personally found to be the most powerful and direct way to find and heal your secret inner struggles. Healing from the root!

This is a powerful in-depth program and perfect for those who are ready to transform their lives. In this 6 week program you’ll uncover and resolve your biggest hidden blocks around your self concept, confidence, around money, around success, around relationships, around manifesting, around your life path and purpose and around your happiness!!! Every area is actually all related…..

Each module is designed to help you uncover your biggest hidden blind-spots! These are the spaces and places we’ve been consistently struggling, whether we are aware or not.

Get ready to have several MAJOR aha moments.


Understanding what your most charged relationships mean. Learn how read your relationships to find your self judgments. Relationships are GOLD when uncovering the truth of our core self concept. You’ll learn how to heal and integrate these core judgments and shadows. The results are a healing of your current charged relationships OR a transformation in the relationship, romantic or personal. All relationships are just a reflection of our relationships with our-self. All judgments are just a reflection of our judgments of ourselves. Self judgment destroys our confidence. As yo begin to heal your relationship stuff, you are healing your self concept. Self concept healing = natural self confidence


Family Relationships…. The interactions with our family of origin created who we are today. Here is where we created our core self concept as well as our core beliefs about life. In this module we uncover what we actually believe about ourselves and how we actually feel about ourselves. Theses are major pieces in our healing process.


Money… Money represents something different to every person. To some it means freedom, to others it may mean security or prestige. In this module we uncover your specific hidden beliefs and feelings about money. We’ll uncover and resolve what belief or emotion is keeping your financial class ceiling in place AND clean up what’s actually keeping you from experiencing what ever it is money represents to You.


Success.. Success is letting ourselves shine and be great! True success is being happy, fulfilled and financially supported doing what we LOVE. How many of us are there? So why is it so easy for some, but for others who may be just as talented or smart, it’s a struggle? —>The answer will surprise you. Most of us, because of our earliest program have hidden guilt, shame and fear around outshining or doing better or being happier than their family of origin. This is an UNCONSCIOUS phenomenon rooted in your primal tribal brain. This alone is one of the main reasons why people struggle!! Here we’ll uncover and clean up those subconscious beliefs and fears that keep you perpetually working against yourself. This is a key area where we see the ”one foot on the gas, one foot on the brake” phenomenon at work in our lives


Family Paradigm around “having it all” and asking for what we really want. Here we go deeper into your primal wiring. We’ll find and heal where you deny yourself the right to want (un-compromised), to have and to receive. Most of were taught to NOT want, to NOT ask and therefore to NOT expect much (other then disappointment). We have a learned habit of not asking for too much, not asking for what we really want, we ask for and allow ourselves only an “appropriate” amount. We carry a ridiculous amount of guilt, shame and fear around asking, expecting, having and receiving. So why are we working SO hard towards big things if we would secretly feel guilty around having the level of freedom, love, abundance, success ease and joy that we’re working for? We do it. And does it work? NOPE. It can’t. We’ll stop ourselves, sabotage ourselves to be sure we NEVER achieve anything that could every trigger those feelings of guilt and shame. One foot on the gas, one foot on the brake. It’s UNCONSCIOUS, and its draining.


Bringing your true self, your real self, with all of your hidden unique talents and abilities to the surface, out into the world!!! THE most freeing thing we can do is to be our authentic selves. If we are bound by self judgement, if we learned that part of us was unworthy, bad, stupid or shameful somewhere along the way, we’ll hide. We’ll hide our TRUE self. We’ll let some of ourselves be seen, but the rest we’ll keep hidden. The problem is with this is that our GOLD, our freedom lies in our authentic selves. Our power, our expansion, our freedom to do the things we’ve never even allowed to do, the version of us we’ve never allowed ourselves to be, is locked up in our authentic selves. Our true path and purpose, our potential for our greatest fulfillment is here. Here in the GAME CHANGING Module you’ll uncover and heal why it is you decided to hide this part of you away so long ago. Watch out world!!!!


Discovering your Divine Essence and Soul Purpose. In this eye opening session you’ll really get to see and feel who you really are and what actually matters to you. You’ll discover what you’re actually passionate about and what you came here to experience. Having this insight into yourself is PRICELESS. Following our true calling is what the ancients knew would bring us the most fulfillment, joy and health!! We were designed for joy! We are designed to follow our passions and bliss! Your body and life will thrive when you do! In this module we’ll also uncover and heal the secret hidden reasons as to why you have not allowed yourself to do this yet!


Registration is officially open!!!!

I’ve squeezed so much into this course! if i taught these modules SEPARATELY this full course would be $9000! But i WANT everyone to have access to this level of TRANSFORMATION that i know is possible. the full program for unleash is only $1297, and this is probably the last time i’ll offer it at this price. So if you’ve been considering it, now is the time!

I would challenge you to find a program that offered you more clarity and transformation fop this investment.

Unleash is hosted via zoom and instant-teliseminar. Each week you’ll RECEIVe a link to log into the live session. if you can’t make the live session, no worries, you’ll get a link for the replay. In addition to our weekly calls, you have access to me!!! If you have questions or need a little help, i’m here for you!! This is why i keep the group fairly small, so i can offer you this level of love and support.

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Do you believe that you are matter enough to get this level of healing for yourself? Do you believe you matter enough to give yourself the opportunity to experience this level of happiness and freedom? Do you believe you matter enough to put YOU first, to put yourself in the spot light, to allow yourself to be celebrated? If not, then you definitely need to sign up!!! If any of that triggers you, than you certainly need to sign up, and if you are ready, then YES join me and say YES to the you that’s been struggling in the shadows! Its your time and YOUR turn! But no pressure. You are can hold on to that old stuff for as long as you want ;)


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