Body Love

An area near and dear to my heart! 
Join me in my upcoming free webinar Friday Jan. 25th at 11 am (replay will be available) where I share with you what I've learned about bodies....stubborn bodies that don't like to change...stubborn bodies that always seem to go back to their set point...bodies that consume your thoughts all day every day.... You feel me :0
This is for you if you have, or are experiencing chronic body struggles. 
This is not for the person who needs to lose 5-10lbs they gained over Christmas.

In this webinar you'll get clarity on the following:

  • What's really behind body image strife/struggle

  • How to truly change your body, permanently

  • Understand why keep you cycling back to old ways

  • Why we quick after a month of beginning a new program

  • Why you sabotaging your own success, keeping your from having long lasting results

  • What's in your nervous system that's causing you to unconsciously work against yourself

  • Hot to circumvent all of that!!

What if only 30% had to do with your diet and exercise and the other 70% actually had to do with what's wired into your nervous system.?

What it actually takes to change your body is probably not what you think. In this webinar I'll share will you all that I've learned about permanently changing your body through my own 20 years of trial and error...and cycling back and forth.
I'll give you the in's and out's of your chemistry and why I would NEVER recommend a ketogenic diet..(and how it can actually make matters worse!!)

This is not a class about carbs and nutrition, it's about getting clear on how to correct metabolic dysfunction that exists in your physical body and in your emotional body. Without both pieces, your efforts will have little and non-permanent effect.

If you're tired of trying the same "diet and exercise" routine hoping that THIS TIME you'll stick to it, then Register below and get the clarity you need to get your results!!!

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