Private yoga • 75 MINUTES  •

A customized practice based on your specific goals, whether that be flexibility, strength, energy/prana optimization, or restoration and relaxation. Whether you are a beginner or first timer, or an advanced yogi, your practice will be custom built to serve your unique needs and abilities and get your life force flowing through your body. No previous experience is required.

*Packages available


Shiatsu Yoga Body-Work Release


Release deeply held tension in the legs, back, neck and arms.  Feel free in your body! Through a combination of manual body-work, thai stretch and shiatsu, we release deeply held tension in the muscles and soft tissue, freeing up your energy, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed, spacious and energized.


Body Shaping

Private session •75 minutes•

This results oriented approach is designed to get you to your feel good body faster than you thought possible. A customized shaping and fitness session based on your specific goals. Includes a take-home practice to continue building on your results. Whether you are looking to gain strength, flexibility or looking to stream line your physique, my unique set of tools can help you overcome whatever body challenges you are dealing with. And yes, cellulite also.

*Packages available


Body Consult

120 MINUTES $235      

This solution based consult will give you clarity on your body 'stuff'. Whether you've got excess weight you'd like to finally be free of, body shape concerns,  mobility, pain and flexibility concerns,  or maybe you'd just like to tone up and feel freer in your body, this in-depth 90 minute consultation will give you clarity and a plan for resolution so you can truly love to be in your skin, faster than you thought possible.

If you've tried to correct your body stuff yourself and have yet to achieve lasting results, this is for you.

I've personally experienced a vast array of body issues which I tried for years to resolve with no avail....until I learned a few secrets about the body and it's deeper functioning. Then, voila, things fell into place and the things I spent so long trying to fix, heal and make better, were easily resolved....quickly.

Your session (in office or via Skype) may well be the most comprehensive, unique assessment you've ever had.   We'll assess not only the physical body function, but also your mind set and emotional state.  As well I'll be intuitively assessing the function of your energy body. You may well gain a whole new understanding of the way your mind, body, and spirit function as a whole. We'll then tailor a plan for restoring harmony, health, fitness, vitality or whatever your goal, in all levels of your being using the most comprehensive physical and energetic tools available.

Contact me for a free 15 min consultation.

*Consults done in-office or via zoom


To create a new body, you must understand that you can change your body in consciousness. When you make a shift in consciousness about how you perceive your body and the assumptions you have about it, changes are manifested in your physical body.
— Deepak Chopra, Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul