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Experience the highest level of vibration,

vitality & clarity possible, so that you can

fulfill your BIG mission on this planet.

Vitality • Clarity • Vibration


Upcoming Classes and Events


Holding the Light Meditation & Discussion
November 27th


At Sacred Space Studio

(W)holistic Vitality workshop
Date coming soon!



Health Coaching

Work one on one with me to create a customized plan to optimize the level of vitality in you mind and body. Whether your desire is to bring balance to 'out of balance' aspects of your body or health, or  just to optimize what's already 'pretty good', we'll work to together to  customize a plan that's right for your chemistry and energy. Coaching with me much deeper than diet and your typical exercises. To truly create  a level of lasting vibrancy the supersedes where you've been, we must first understand how the mind/body work energetically, then we can understand how it works chemically, then we can optimize the system as a whole. To work otherwise would be equal to attempting to fix a car without understanding how the engine actually functions.

By working with me to optimize your mind/body systems you'll experience:

  • An increased immune response
  • Increased Energy and Vitality
  • Greater levels of motivation, inspiration, joy and purpose
  • Weight reduction, or reduction of damaged/toxic tissues
  • Anti-aging benefits
  • Mental and intuitive clarity
  • Lessened cravings
  • Vibrant skin
  • Increased cardiac capacity
  • Improved function of all organs
  • Improved quality sleep
  • Greater freedom in your body
  • Clarity on your hearts desire and deeper purpose

Your body was designed to hold a very high vibration, and a high level of  of energy and vitality. We were built for longevity. Unfortunately we were never taught how to properly 'run this ship' so to speak, and thus experience illness, chronic dis-ease, chronic weight, depression, decrepidation, and imbalance on a whole. We've never been taught what the ancients call 'right living'. Right living encompasses not only a proper set of principles for the physical body, but also for the mental/emotional body and energy bodies. By learning and implementing a way of living that is congruent with how we were actually created, we can function at an all time high and extend our longevity. We can have the energy and motivation to do the things that matter most to us. We can discover our hearts desire, our purpose and passions. On top of these benefits, and most importantly, we can hold the light for the world, as was the intent behind our sacred design. We can step into our roles as a crystal clear, transmitters of Divine light and free ourselves from the dross of illness, pharma, fear and helplessness.  This is all part of right living and deeply caring for your sacred vessel through which you experience life.

The greater you feel, the greater your experience of life

If you're eager to see just how amazing you can feel and eager to experience the impact of that on all other areas of our life, then please contact me for a free consult to see how this work can improve the quality of your life and your life's work.



Yoga & Body

Customized movement to fit your personal goals. Results oriented movement designed to help you achieve your feel good body faster than you thought possible


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