Break Free From the Imprints of the Past

"Our true nature is to heal, release stress and live a life of joyous fulfillment. If this is not our experience, we may be limited by unresolved imprints from our life and ancestral lineage" ~John Newton

Have you repeatedly tried to "fix" or solve a problem in your life...and it just doesn't seem to budge? Do you seem to end up in the same types of situations, no matter what you do or where you go? Is there a chronic issue that has followed you around your entire life? Or, do you consistently find that you are sabotaging your own best efforts?

What's stopping you from healing?
What's stopping you from having fulfilling relationships?
What's keeping you stuck in your financial situation?
What's keeping you stuck from moving on, growing, getting what you want?!?!

Our nervous systems are designed to avoid pain and seek pleasure. However, humans are also a unique species : We have the ability to reason; to give meaning to events and circumstances (what we make them mean about us and about life) which in turn leave deep, influencing imprints on our nervous system. These imprints not only color our perception, but they broadcast a frequency which attracts like situations to them. This cycle erodes our free will and gives rise to our experience of struggle, suffering and dis-ease.

How do we know what these imprints are? The simplest way is to look at what's showing up in your life. What you are experiencing and what you have most likely experienced your entire life, are created by, and limited by, filtered by, these imprints. 

We all have an innate 'Divine' blueprint, which if left unobstructed, would allow us to unfold into our own unique perfect expression of who we are meant to be, what we came here to do, to be, to express, in mind, body and spirit. If we are experiencing something that doesn't feel good, and that is limiting our expression, our physical, emotional wellbeing, our abundance or relationships, it's because there is some form of physics (frequency) acting against us; hi-jacking the expression and fulfillment our divine blueprint.  Pains, traumas, limiting beliefs, spoken and unspoken family paradigms imprint into our nervous systems, affecting our expression of who we truly are. In addition, the science and study of epigenetics shows us that the traumas, burdens, struggles and unresolved emotions that imprinted our parents and ancestor's nervous systems can get passed down generation to generation. These imprints of the past further weigh on us and limit our expression and experience of life.

In our work together we'll zoom into the specific area where you are experiencing disharmony, struggle, lack, emotional upset, limitation or physical dis-ease. and clear the imprints that are affecting you.  By clearing these imprints of the past you can experience physical health, emotional health, love, success, abundance, and the fulfillment of your dreams. You are free to create what you want to create... with much greater ease!



—>4 Calls/Clearing Sessions per month!

This is such a great way to experience the power of ancestral healing!!!

Each week you’ll receive a link to access a live web-cast clearing event with me! Join from your computer, cell phone, or home phone.

Each week we’ll be clearing around various topics including, health, money, purpose, freedom, family paradigms, having, personal growth, love, self worth, connection etc.

All you have to do is sign on, tune in and receive the energy. During each call there will be a Q&A portion where attendees will have an opportunity to “raise their hands” to ask specific questions or receive specific clearings on what’s coming up for them. Although each week will have a specific topic of focus, the  clearings can affect all areas of your life. If you can’t make the live call, no worries, you’ll receive a link to the replay which will stay up all month. The work is just a powerful even through the replay.

During Each Call You Receive:

  • —>Multiple Ancestral Clearings on a specific topic

  • —>>Valuable Insight and Knowledge

  • —>>>The opportunity each week to work with me (time limited to the number of attendees)

  • —->>>>>Access to all the replays for the entire month so you can listen and get the clearings as many times as you wish

  • —>>>>>>Clear years and lifetimes of accumulated debris, trauma, debt, pains and burden from your field

    The next series begins march 6th

    For Further details on the monthly series click HERE

    The series is $97 for all 4 live clearings!! If you’ve ever experienced the power of a private session, you will well appreciate the energetic value of these calls!


More on paradigms....

Your ancestral paradigm/karma is the karma brought forward from your bloodline, through your parent's, to you. This includes the traumas, patterns, beliefs and blockages that are part of your lineage paradigm. These can include lineage patterns around poverty/scarcity, illness, abandonment, addiction, abuse, betrayal, despair, and burden. 

Your family karma is the karma that is brought forth lifetime to lifetime as a result of energies created between you and the members of your family. At the family level, we can become engrossed in inexplicable push and pull or tumultuous relationships with our family members. By releasing these patterns we can instantly heal life-long dis-harmonies, struggles, and dissolve invisible burdens that have been weighing us down.

At the physical level these imprints, whether from our ancestors or from our own past experiences,  can manifest as pains, conditions, and dis-eases that don't seem to respond to alopathic treatment. 

Science shows us that the behavioral patterns and mental states of our ancestors are passed on from one generation to the next at the level of DNA. This can explain why despite our hard work and good intentioned efforts, we can often have trouble breaking through our own glass ceilings. We are literally carrying on the burdens, struggles, mind-sets and even physical miasms of not only our own life experiences, but our ancestors as well.  We end up unconsciously operating from their illusions of limitation in various parts of our lives. 

If there is an area of your life that is not responding to your efforts, whether physical, mental, material, emotional, most likely there is an unconscious pattern that is working in oppositions to you. Nothing can be more exhaustive!!

Working with me at this deep level will help clear burdens, beliefs and stress that may be blocking your physical, emotional, financial and spiritual well-being.

This is the most profound work you can do for yourself, and for future generations.

Private sessions: $135

**Offered privately or in groups

**Some issue may require more than one session to fully resolve all of the aspects.