Monthly Ancestral Healing Call Series



WEbcast Monthly Ancestral Healing group Calls!!!!

—>—>4 Calls/Clearing Sessions per month!

This is such a great way to experience the power of ancestral healing!!!

(Find out more on Ancestral Healing HERE!)

Each week you’ll receive a link to access a live web-cast clearing event with me! Join from your computer, cell phone, or home phone.

Each week we’ll be clearing around various topics including, health, money, purpose, freedom, family paradigms, having, personal growth, love, self worth, connection etc.

All you have to do is sign on, tune in and receive the energy. During each call there will be a Q&A portion where attendees will have an opportunity to “raise their hands” to ask specific questions or receive specific clearings on what’s coming up for them. Although each week will have a specific topic of focus, the clearings can affect all areas of your life. If you can’t attend the live call, no worries, you’ll receive a link to the replay which will stay up all month.

The work is just a powerful even through the replay.

During Each Call You Receive:

  • —>Multiple Ancestral Clearings on a specific topic

  • —>>Valuable Insight and Knowledge

  • —>>>The opportunity each week to work with me (time limited to the number of attendees)

  • —->>>>>Access to all the replays for the entire month so you can listen and get the clearings as many times as you wish

  • —>>>>>>Clear years and lifetimes of accumulated debris, trauma, debt, pains and burden from your field

    • Each call is Tuesday at 11am

      The next call series (which is for Dec.) begins November 27th for 4 weeks, ending December 18t

      November 27th, 11am EST

      December 4th, 11am EST

      December 11th, 11am EST

      December 18th, 11am EST

      (the following Tuesday is Christmas, thus why we are starting a week early)

      The series is $97 for all 4 live clearings!!

      (If you miss the start date you can still purchase the series, jump in, and get the replays for the dates you missed)

      If you’ve ever experienced the power of a private session, you will well appreciate the energetic value of these calls!