7 Most Common Blunders that Spiritual People Make that Secretly Keep Their Goals From Manifesting

Success, health, abundance, freedom and ease come easily not to those who struggle, but to those who align themselves with it's vibration.

Because you are a hard-working person, doing what you know to work towards your goals, and probably doing your bit to make the world a better place, I wanted to share with you the 7 Most Common Blunders that spiritual people make that secretly keep them from achieving their goals:

1. We are unconsciously afraid of getting that thing we want so badly, or even have guilt around receiving it, and therefore sabotage our own efforts! We keep ourselves small and hidden because that feels safer. This is all happening unconsciously!! Cripes! No wonder why we keep winding up back where we started!

2. Deep down we don't actually believe that we can have the thing or experience we are after.

3. We try to manage how the thing/experience shows up. Think about this, there are an infinite number of ways that your end desire could show up. Whether it's a better physique, a new opportunity, a new career, more money, a better relationship, a new vehicle or home, more freedom, improved health etc. The Universe is an organizing genius. It can set into motion a chain of events that you never-in-a-million-years could have foreseen, in order to bring your heart's desire to you. When we are focused on ONE way that we believe our desire must show up, we've cancelled out the billions of other, and much faster, ways our desire could manifest.

4. We have some other sort of values conflict. Meaning, if I get this, I'll have to lose _______. If we are unconsciously afraid of losing something that is near and dear to us, we'll magically sabotage our own efforts, and ultimately keep ourselves the same. To the brain, same=safe.

5. We are out of integrity (vibrational alignment) with the version of us we need to be in order to bring this new experience into existence. Meaning, we are calling for abundance, but behaving "as if' we are in poverty, maybe even despising money. We are calling for limitlessness and opportunity, but we are acting  "as if" we are limited and stuck. We are calling for improved health, but are acting "as if" we are ill, sick and struggling.  We are calling for love, but we are acting "as if"  every man/woman is a lost cause.  Working from your goals is much more effective that working towards you goals. Act, speak, think from 'as-if' your goal has already manifested.

6. We are inconsistent with our daily energy practice thus leaving our energetic set-point unstable. Keeping your mental state/vibe high requires a daily practice of tuning into your vision, specific feelings,  and tuning into Source.  Repetition solidifies a new vibrational set-point.

7. We fail to feel good in the now! We can get caught up in the "it's not here yet". We can get caught up in the noticing 'what is', instead of being grateful for what's on it's way. In that, we are flowing our energy/awareness to 'what is', and creating more of that, instead of what we want. Be grateful for  the completion of your goal even before it shows up. Be excited and playful every day for the magic that is here and on it's way to you! Remember, your overall daily mental state determines the over-all state of your life.

The smallest mis-alignment or conflicting subconscious belief can keep your goal ever off in the distance. Neuroscience and quantum physics have shown us that we have to change the program that's running in the subconscious, AND clear up blocked and disharmonious energies/trapped emotions that are stuck in our bodies in order to become a pure transmitter of our intention....canceling out the mixed signals so to speak;)

Above are the ways the the law of the Universe operate. The smallest misalignment can completely derail our efforts and lead to burnout and exhaustion.  It's easy to see how having a limited understanding of, or maybe understanding but not applying consistently, could greatly limit the results of our hard work. I don't know about you but if I'm going to work hard, I want to have the knowledge that will make my efforts equally pay off. The cool thing is that when the above principles are applied, often our results greatly exceed our efforts ;)

With the correct tools and consistent application we can create anything that we desire. We can live in a steady state of flow and Divine grace. This is definitely more my style than struggle and strife.

The common hurdle is that there's a plethora of info out there on the Law of Attraction, the Universal Laws, the art of surrender, subconscious reprogramming, energy clearing, neuroscience, spiritually and all the other things one must know in order to effectively live in a state of Divine grace. You may even have stacks of these books lying around. But if you're busy, like most, perhaps you don't have time to do all the research and put all the pieces together in a way that actually works and produces results. Or maybe being consistent with your application has thus far been a challenge, or maybe you've been missing one tiny piece of the puzzle and have yet to see results from your manifesting. So with all that in mind I've created something specifically for you that addresses all of the above, and more! A 360 degree program, unlike no other, that takes you step by step through the most thorough yet simplified process of creation....

Things DO magically change when you are in 100% alignment and living in congruence with what you've set forth as your desired state of living. "You are infinitely powerful" when you are living in a state of Divine grace.

Big Love,