How to Heal the World

That's right...healing the world is quite simple really. Our pain and suffering is caused by our personal illusions of un-worthiness, inadequacy, fear, helplessness, un-importance, un-deservedness, shame, guilt and smallness. All of which at some point caused us to shut our hearts down to our own love.

We has humans spend our entire lives unconsciously searching for the very things we feel we are lacking, never understanding that whatever we feel we are not getting from the world, is exactly the thing that we are not giving to ourselves. We try to get love from the world because we are unable to love ourselves. We seek approval from the world, our friends, families, because we are unable to approve of ourselves and are riddled with feelings of inadequacy and self doubt. We seek vocations and material possessions that make us feel special, because we are trying to fill the void of feeling like a nobody, a nothing.  We grasp onto relationships, needy for someone to make us feel important, loved, wanted, accepted, validated. Like hungry wolves with insatiable appetites, we are unconsciously driven by our wounds to fill the voids. We are programmed to seek pleasure and avoid pain. In this natural pattern of avoidance, when our wounds are triggered, we lash out, we blame, we become the victim. We project all of those repressed, rejected and shamed parts of ourselves onto other people and point the finger at them with judgement.  You did this. You're bad. You're wrong. I reject you.

Hurt people, hurt people. Why? If we are not taught how to feel and heal our emotions, we get sick, physically and mentally. If we do not know how to understand what we are really feeling and really needing, and understand that we are the ONLY ones who can give that to ourselves, whether it be love, forgiveness, approval, validation, we become helpless victims of the world, which breeds anger and hatred....and violence against ourselves and towards others. It's the root of violence towards our children, towards our peers, towards religions, groups, animals, institutions, our own families...towards ourselves.  Repressed emotions that never found a voice and a wall built around the heart from the things that happened or didn't happen as children, creates a pressure cooker where the only way out is implosion or explosion. This is where we get stuck. Hurt people who hurt people are wounded children who never grew emotionally past the age of 8. This is the way the psyche works by default...unless we intentionally make changes.

People who are struggling in any area of there lives, money, relationships, confidence, health etc, are also stuck in a pattern of the child coping mechanisms.

The human condition is not so complicated to figure out. We are simply beings of love who through our life experiences, the most potent being from our 9 months in the womb up to around 7 years, created a slew of limiting perceptions about ourselves, the world and our place in it. The environment within which we were raised, what we saw, what we heard, all shaped our perception of ourselves. Our early years are where we were imprinted  with 'not lovable', 'not good enough', 'not worthy enough', 'not important', ''not heard, 'not seen', along with all of the other thought patterns of despair and hardship we acquired through our lineage. When asked the simple question "do you love yourself, can you love yourself?" the majority of people say, "no". Ask yourself this simple question. Notice what comes up as negative chatter somewhere in your consciousness, or as a feeling somewhere in your body. We are all seeking love, but unconsciously repress those parts of us we feel were unlovable. It's like having one foot on the gas and one foot on the break...and it's exhausting.

We can not love anybody, until we are capable of loving ourselves. As humans, we thrive in the presence of love.  That's how we were made.  To heal and bring peace back to the planet we must very simply heal our own wounds. We must clear all the blocks we created around being loved, giving love and receiving love. This means cleaning up our shame, guilt, resentments, sense of lack and limitation.  This also means learning how to give yourself all the things you feel you are not getting from the world; love, appreciation, acceptance, approval, validation. Our pasts have simply made us believe that we were somehow unworthy of the above. It's nobody's fault. When we decide to stop being a victim and clean up those faulty perceptions in our unconscious, we see that we were never actually lacking anything at all. We begin to love ourselves. We stop blaming the world for our condition, we stop lashing out at society,  at our families, and at ourselves, and we experience peace in our minds, bodies, relationships and life experiences.

We have a choice.

Hold onto our blame, anger, resentments and pain, and therefore continue to be a victim and part of the problem on the planet.


We can choose to take responsibility for what's happening in our minds, choose to learn to let that stuff go (there is an abundance of free resources online to do this...or you can work with me), and choose to open into unconditional love and be part of the shift for the planet, from fear into love.

The ancient texts talk so much about compassion being the catalyst for change, but perhaps the text were not clear on how to apply this.  Let me clarify simply. When you see an enraged individual or group, instead of meeting them/he/she with resistance, see them as that 8 yr old child, hurting and suffering, and ask yourself, what can I do to help ease their pain. See that an aspect of that same suffering is in you also. Sit with it and clear it from yourself. Send them love. All we really want, is to be loved.

The only way out, is through. Feeling, sitting with the stuff we've been running from our entire life. Feeling the stuff we've tried so hard not to have to feel.  Through. It starts with you healing you, and you can do it.

We don't have time on this planet to go on like we're going. Things must change and they must change now. So face yourself and heal yourself. Create peace within your family unit. Let's teach our children how to heal their emotions, how to be emotionally healthy,  so they don't grow up harboring so much pain, and later growing up lashing out at society; hurting and killing people.

Emotionally healthy people don't hurt people; they don't kill people.

'We are not prisoners of our conditions,

merely prisoners of our emotions and thoughts.'

Let's put these tools in schools so that it's a mandatory skill; just like reading and writing. We live in a sick society because we were not taught how to take care of ourselves. We learned how to stuff our stress and pain down and then we learned how to numb ourselves out with alcohol, food, drugs, sex, TV or the computer so we wouldn't have to feel anything. We've become a society of helpless, angry, ill, dependent, dysfunctional people. Similarly, we'd be an illiterate society if we'd never been taught to read and write. To solve this problem at the root, we have to teach our children right from the get go. We have them in school for 12 years, shouldn't this be part of a basic curriculum?  To build a healthy society we have to give them the tools to be healthy in mind and body.  We have to empower them with the knowledge to heal their emotions, no matter what is going on in their homes. We have to teach them how to care for their bodies and minds. We have to teach them that they are all equal and worthy, no matter where they came from. We must teach them these things...or we'll get more of what we've got. A society dependent on anti-depressants and distractions.

Think of what we could create.

Please, take the time to heal your yourself. The cycle has to stop somewhere, will you be willing to be braver than you've ever been, and let it begin with you?

We are a species who thrive in the presence of love.

We as  humans are are all deeply wanting to be loved, to receive love, to have our love be received, to open fearlessly into love. It is our very nature.