Silencing the Inner Battle

Do you feel that you’re pushing towards your goals, but you are ummmm, somehow pushing against yourself? Forging so hard, pushing in one direction, but part of you continues to sabotage and continues to push back, leaving you trapped in the middle, unable to gain any real ground, and exhausted…?

The energy of these inner battles often consist of our will to have, be, do, expand and grow, pushing up against our deeply held family paradigms to stay small, keep it all the same, in line with everyone else. The paradigm energy (which to the brain is a means of survival), is much stronger than our will. The other energetic make up of our inner battles often comes from our need to prove something, pushing up against our heart’s wanting to be in integrity with our authentic truth.; our ego pushing against what our heart knows it really wants. This energy is re-lent-less. These particular energies are driven by our shadows. They will lend us no peace, no rest, and no fulfillment, no matter how far along our path we go.

These very silent mechanisms working beneath the level of the conscious mind cause our energy to push against itself. It’s like having one foot on the gas and one on the break and it will literately drains our lifeforce ceaselessly, until someone wins; until someone gives up.

So how do you begin disarm this inner tug of war and silence the battle? Well first you have to tune into what the push and pull is about. A great way to do that is to —>honestly<— ask yourself (in regard to your goal), “Why do I REALLY want this” (to achieve this, get this, have this etc). ?

You may be shocked to find that the answer is something clearly driven by the ego, such as: To finally prove to my dad that I’m not worthless, To finally feel accomplished, To finally feel like I belong, To finally get adored, To make people see that I’m worthy, talented etc. You get the idea…. Pursuits driven by the ego are driven by our shadows. A pursuit driven by a shadow will always leave us feeling like we’re ‘not there yet’. Even if in reality, we are. It’s like going through life being chased by a monster. We are unable to rest, be present, find ease, truly relax, or just be. When we can disarm the energy of the ‘hidden agenda’, the ego, we’re then free to let our heart guide the way. We can create from a place of inspiration…..a totally different, and delightful energy that will surely leave us fulfilled and invigorated.

Oh and the family paradigms.. eek. How do these babies stop us dead in our tracks from moving ahead and creating what we want...? Well let me give you a visual so you can really feel the energy at work here. Close your eyes, imagine yourself living the life your TRULY want. You are big, bright, successful, abundant, powerful, money comes with ease, you are beautiful, embracing your gifts and talents, and unapologetically shining your light… And now, with all of that, imagine you are walking into your childhood home, your parents are there, and your telling them about your great life….how does that feel? What are there reactions? What happens to the big bright energy? Ugh… For most it feels NOT ok, shameful, bad, wrong, terrible, guilty!!! These emotional drivers will absolutely prevent us from letting ourselves have what we really want. These natural instinct to stay within the rules of the tribe will keep us small, keep us struggling and keep us from manifesting /creating what we want. Your primal programming is literally pushing against your best efforts for growth, causing you to self sabotage, or manifest sabotage, every step of the way. AHHHHH!!! Exhausting, yes?

Wow this explains a lot eh? But how do we shift/disarm the energy that’s pushing against us? When working with a client I have them zoom into the emotions surrounding the issue, then we use a blend of tapping and Ancestral Healing to clear the charge. Then voila, client can move forward, experience a profound inner calm, and that lifeforce energy that’s been tied up in knots inside them, yes, that becomes available to them to use in productive ways.

Ready to finally let yourself have what you’ve been working so hard for?

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Kelly Libby

Transformational Coach,