What is your body trying to tell you?

Illness begins with an unbalanced perception about yourself or about life in general. (BTW, it feels heavy, it's unbalanced)

A holding on to a belief or chronic perception that is unbalanced and limiting. Symptoms' are the bodies way of trying to communicate this.

For instance, cancer is the body's last ditch effort to try to get a person to integrate and appreciate love. A person with this symptom may have some sort 'all or nothing' perception that's keeping them from allowing a balanced flow of love. Cancer is not the end of the world, unless one is not willing to let go of their perceptions. Would you rather be right or happy and healthy?

If we are not willing to own the flaws we see in our partners as our own. (remember, our relationships are our mirrors. What we see in others that we feel we need to criticize, represents our own un-integrated 'stuff'; the parts of us that we've rejected. As this get's further and further out of balance, so will the body.

The physiology is 24/7 seeking balance, integration

Heart Disease, heart attack, heart issues, are often a symptom of an unbalanced perception around love from mom or dad or love between husband and wife. A belief (stemming from childhood) may be present that's limiting or mediating how much love a person allows themselves to receive from their parents; how much love they believe is available to them. Healing these old perceptions is key to healing your physical heart.

We can look at the right and left side of the body, we can look at hormone levels, we can look a digestive issues, we can look like organ dysfunction, we can look at muscular tension and issues., we can look at any diagnosed disease or syndrome, they are all telling us something.

Your hormonal activity (which signals your cellular activity, and muscular activity, tissues, organs, etc) is initiated by your autonomics (nervous system), your nervous system is initiated by your perceptions. When we have compounding unbalanced perceptions and emotions, we get dis-ease in the body. Your body is always trying to bring you back to homeostasis. Each body part can tell us so much about what's going on in the psychology. If we try to mask the symptoms with medication, is it going to fix the problem...? I think you can answer that.

The body and mind are always looking to establish balance, equanimity, integration and wholeness. Stuckness, unhappiness, physical issues are all the body’s way of communicating this to us. Are you listening?

(Thank you Dr. Demartini for inspiring this post)