The Past that Silently Creates Your Future

‘What is overwhelming and unnamable is passed on to those we are closest to. Our loved ones carry what we cannot. And we do the same… How do we carry secret stories from before our lifetimes? Transgenerational transmissions take on life in our in dreams, in acting out, in “life lessons” given in turns of phrase and taught us by our family.’ (Molly S. Castelloe Ph.D. The Me in We, How Trauma Is Carried Across Generations. Holding the secret history of our ancestors. Posted May 28, 2012)

Not only are these traumas passed on, but as are limited ways of thinking, acting, believing. Limited ways of viewing our lives and our place in the world. Limited perspectives of who we are and what's available to us.
All of this is carried at the level of the DNA and in the energy body; the holographic field. It's creating. It's drawing a certain level of experiences to you, it's repelling a certain level of experiences away from you. Such is the nature of the quantum field. The past is quietly creating our present and our future, unless we change it. And change we most certainly can.
Awaken to the rhythms that are silently running your life. 
The only way out, is through.

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