Healing Depression at the Soul Level

Depression..... what is it
Simply put, energy not EXpressed, is DEpressed. What energy specifically are we talking about not being expressed? Anger.
Unexpressed anger turns into depression. This does not necessarily mean that you are angry at someBODY, but rather angry, in despair, even a quiet despair, over a long standing situation. Most people overlook this because it's not at the surface, it's at a much deeper level. Sometimes the soul level. Anger because you are not able to live the life you truly want. Anger because you feel shut down in your life. Anger because you were taught that being powerful or bright and shiny was wrong, and now you're living at 50% as to not 'out shine' anyone. Anger perhaps, for feeling like you are not fully being acknowledged, allowed, approved of, loved. Anger that you are not allowing yourself happiness or joy.
You see, this anger and disharmony is sooooo deep and soooo sublte that we don't see it with just a quick glance and would quickly dismiss the suggestion that some sort of anger were the source of our depressed state. Most people live with a chronic low-grade depression and don't really know.
We came here as children with full, unrestricted energy, knowing no limitations. Everything was possible. We didn't worry about looking silly or being judged. We didn't judge ourselves. We lived in the world of wild imagination, completely free with un-inhibited excitement knowing that anything was possible for us.
And we learn limitations, and "what is possible" through our programming. We are told "No". Our wild abandon is forced into submission. We begin to monitor and suppress our impulses out of fear of rejection, humiliation, punishment, ridicule, or disappointment. We experience traumas in our life that as a child make us believe we are not worthy, not important, we don't matter, we are wrong, stupid, not capable, undeserving, selfish etc. So we unconsciously shut down our energy even more. We hide away. We get small, we play small, we stop asking for what we want, we stop asking even for what we need. This leaves you with 99% of society. Shut down, feeling limited, restricted and on the brink, at the unconscious level wanting so badly to be free, carefree, open, un-inhibited, vital, alive, fearless, living big lives with no restrictions! But,  feeling like that is just not possible. At the core level there is anger, which turns into hopelessness, despair, sadness. At the core level we know that we did not come here to struggle, but from our somewhat limited perspective, it appears like there is no solution so we create unhealthy coping mechanisms so that we won't be completely incapacitated by life. This can be drinking, drugs, shopping, sex, TV, over working, over exercising, etc. These are just an attempt to distract ourselves or numb ourselves out from these feelings. Ultimately however, sickness will set into the body.
Alas, there is a solution!
So ask yourself, "what truth (only apparent truth of course) have I had to swallow or stifle that is just unbearable to my soul?"
To heal depression you have to get that energy moving. You have to move/release the anger, dig into your beliefs to see where you've got the suffocating strangle hold on your life. Then voila, the fire-hose of your life energy can flow once again and childlike joy will ultimately be restored.

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